Creature hands that go on and off like gloves, bigger hands, bigger feet, larger muscular arms, animal parts, bionic, cyber, extra mouths, transformations. Then on top of that the appropriate slime and bodily fluids or artificial blood, everything made by us, always fresh and always suitable for skin or even for mouth. Check out some of the blood types we are creating and how they interact with the camera and with clothes, compared to various known products on the market, that look fake. We have 10 different unique recipes for blood and different recipes for slime, that looks like the real thing, but it is 100% safe. That also goes for dirt or other substances, with the actor's safety and hygiene always in mind. Our absolute priority is to keep everyone safe and not to cause any skin issues or rush.


We do every quantity and color variation. We do life casting of entire bodies or even intimate areas.

Hands that fit like a glove, separate parts, creature limbs