Human heads and creature masks

CGI 3D creatures can look good, but they cannot interact with other actors, and in most cases they are very expensive, if you need a very realistic look. Our masks can be generic for many actors or can fit perfectly on the actors head (from his own mold). You can also have multiple masks with different finishing from the same mold, with much lower cost. We only use PLATINUM SILICONE - NO LATEX! Silicone masks can last for a life time and they are durable and very hygienic, as you can clean them with soar and water.

Life Casting and sculpting the head

Life casting of the actor's head or the actor's face at least is necessary for a perfect fit. Making an exact replica of the head or the face helps us developing the mask directly on the actor's characteristics. There are two ways to go from there, a full mask that the actor can wear again and again (flexible silicone), great for stage work and also for creatures, demons, zombies or monsters or people wearing custom masks as part of their role. Though very flexible and perfect for the actor him-/herself, this option doesn't allow maximum acting expressions. For close-up work we recommend layers of silicone, having the full mask divided into parts, that are going to be glued on the actor's face before the shooting.



1. A mask can cost more to create, but it doesn't need any extra time on set before shooting starts. The actor can take breaks without the mask in between takes.

2. A full mask can be re-used again and again or can be worn by multiple actors, even with their individual faces from the inner side for a perfect fit. Every mask can be fully cleaned up and sanitized.

3. Full masks are not perfect for extreme close-ups, unless some custom make-up work is applied on set (glued on face).

4. Make-up silicone prosthetic pieces can take from 1 hour up to 8 hours to be glued on the actor, depending on the complexity of the work, for every shooting. The removal takes between half and hour and 3 hours.

Skin-friendly platinum silicone (Platsil Gel) on the actor (3-4 layers)

Plaster bandages that solidify in 10 minutes for creating the "jacket"



from (ab) 300 € - 57 € MwSt.

7-10 day delivery

  • Creature sculpted specifically under your instructions and needs on a male or female head bust

  • You approve the final concept before the molding for the silicone mask

  • Depending on the complexity, the mask can have a weight between 1 Kg and 3,5 Kg

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Transforming an actor

from (ab) 800 € + 152 € MwSt.

10 day delivery

  • Lifecasting 1 Hour

  • Clay Replica of the entire head or just the face depending on the needs

  • Plastic Bust of the actor

  • Sculpting on top of his own characteristics

  • You approve the creature before the final molding for the silicone mask

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  • Eyes - Augen

  • Synthetic Hair / Synthetische Haare or / oder
  • Real hair - Echte Haare

  • Hands - Hände

  • Feet - Füße

  • Open Mouth and Teeth
    Geöffneter Mund / Zähne

  • ask for prices / fragen sie nach Preisen